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Título : Reintegration and Prevention of Recruitment Program – Colombia
metadata.dc.description.objetivo: Support the Government of Colombia (GOC) to prepare for and launch a large-scale reintegration process, make available reintegration services throughout the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) cycle to minimize recidivism, and prevent recruitment of children and youth.
Resumen : "IOM recognizes GOC leadership and will target assistance to address GOC capacity constraints and priorities, with special emphasis on flexible support for agile GOC responses, application of DDR lessons learned, technology and innovation, inter-institutional coordination and engagement of the private sector. Objective 1 on the roll-out phase: IOM will help prepare for large-scale reintegration, improve management and exchange of information, and implement early reintegration activities from the start of the DDR cycle. Tailored activities, especially for women, ethnic groups, persons with disabilities and mid-level commanders will be incorporated. IOM will also support verification and oversight efforts. Objective 2 on prevention of recidivism and recruitment: IOM has identified risk factors for recidivism and recommended mitigation strategies. IOM will implement activities tailored for mid-level commanders, and strengthening case management and accompaniment of disengaged children. IOM also aims to increase effectiveness, monitoring and evaluation of current GOC prevention efforts as well as to involve the private sector and civil society. Objective 3 on reintegration: IOM will support the GOC to implement the Legal Framework for Peace in connection with legal processing and ex-combatant contributions to truth, reparations and reconciliation. IOM aims to build GOC capacity to operationalize tailored approaches and implement interventions to reintegrate women, ethnic groups and youth. IOM will help the GOC overcome three sorts of problems: capacity constraints due to large numbers of ex-combatants, challenges generated by a guerrilla-negotiated process, and structural weaknesses in current routes, including limited private sector involvement. Objective 4 on inter-institutional coordination: IOM will strengthen existing mechanisms and any new fora that may emerge as a result of the peace process. IOM will integrate new entities, develop new applications and help adapt, as necessary, the Transitional Justice Inter-Institutional Database. IOM will also strengthen GOC two-way communications to former combatants, civil servants, society at large, and receptor communities."
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URI : http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11788/1100
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