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Title: Spotlight - Final Peace Accords: Political reincorporation political, social, and economic reincorporation of the Farc
Abstract: After nearly four years of negotiations in Havana, the GOC and the FARC released the final version of the peace accords on August 24th, which covers all six points of the peace process: 1) rural reform, 2) political participation, 3) end of conflict, 4) illicit drugs, 5) victims, and 6) implementation and verification. The 300-page document includes details, initiatives, and social programs intended to address root causes of the Colombian conflict and provide for the effective and sustainable social, economic, and political reincorporation of current members of the FARC guerrilla group.
Type: Reportes
Topographical: COL-PS0007-09-2016
Appears in Collections:Desarme, Desmovilización y Reintegración (DDR)

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