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Título : Victims issues a monthly review - June 2017
Resumen : NEW GALLUP RESULTS OUT: DESPITE IMPATIENCE WITH SPEED OF IMPLEMENTING ACCORDS, OPTIMISM UP According to the most recent Gallup results, 55 percent of Colombians believe the implementation of the peace accords is going in a bad direction, down two points compared to April 2017. However, despite doubts regarding the speed of the process to date, Colombians do think the government will keep its end of the bargain. Specifically, 53 percent believe the government will fully carry out its responsibilities under the accord, compared to 46 percent in April. Belief in the FARC’s commitment is 33 percent (compared to 32 percent in April). Overall, according to political scientist Fernando Giraldo, clumsiness early in the year, including the slow set-up of transitional zones, as well as some FARC members’ attitudes, led citizens to believe that implementation was not going well. Yet despite challenges, significant advances have been made, including the complete diarmament of the FARC (see Section 3: Peace Process) and the setting up of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, which is currently being structured to give victims a central seat at the table.
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